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In over 30 years of writing and teaching about fathering (see my Bio page above), I’ve accumulated tons of ideas, tips, and information for all ages and stages of fathers. This blog aims to share them with you.

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Being a dad gives you a different attitude toward life, or daditude. It affects how you see life and all of its many aspects. Here’s a suggestion to utilize your daditude for more effective fathering.

44. Your daditude about school. We’ve all had different school experiences in our youth. But the reality is that today’s schooling is different than what it was. It takes more parental participation now if you want your child to access the best educational resources. This means you must have a different daditude about your participation in your child’s schools from preschool to high school.

First, it’s important to be knowledgeable about each school’s schedule plus all its events (such as, field trips, fund-raisers, important tests, parent meetings, athletic contests, and teacher conferences), and then to enter them on your family calendar. By reviewing ahead of time what is coming up, you can make sure you don’t miss any important times.

And second, a valuable thing you as the dad can do is volunteer time to be at the school, especially before and after school and even during recess and lunch times. Research has shown that when men are on campus, crime goes down in the area and kids tend to be better behaved.

Your presence at the school itself and in the various school-related activities at home will go far in giving your child the educational support she needs. And it will help her have a more positive attitude about education, which is a good thing in the long run.

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